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Roach Gigz

Bakersfield Peace & Love Ticket Bundle


Admission for one (1) to Roach Gigz performance, Peace & Love T-Shirt, and Hot Air Balloons & Cinnamon Sticks Mixtape

This offer contains:

-01 Why the Fuck_
-02 Still Good
-03 Let a Player Live
-04 Checklist
-05 Make It Happen
-06 Inhale, Exhale
-07 Middle Fingers
-08 Youngin' feat IAMSU!
-09 Fuck Around
-10 The Man with Many Jobs
-11 Do it feat Remedy
-12 Italian Stylin
-13 Resistance ft. Marlow, Pac B
-14 Fun Love
-15 Dying to Live feat Chesse
-Bakersfield Ticket Presale
-Peace & Love T-Shirt

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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